New photographer


Kyara Bennett, Reporter

Have you heard about the new photographer? Her name is Melissa Thompson, last year the school had Bill Blake, but he moved to just doing elementary school.  Mrs.Thompson doesn’t just do school pictures she also takes pictures for the Rocky Mountain Dance Theater and so much more.  Lana Koltes said, “I thought that she was a really nice lady but it seemed like she didn’t know what a personal bubble is because she just came up to me and started touching my hair without even asking me and it was all around a weird experience because it was already a new photographer, to begin with.” Some people obviously think it’s weird to have a new photographer. 

Even though it’s a new experience, it is going to be a good one with the new photographer because the pictures have the potential to be. Maybe the photographer might have to ask if she can help kids with their hair instead of just doing it.  Ashten Hubbs said, “I like our photographer I like her a lot I think people got off the wrong foot with her.” People are going to have to get used to Mrs. Thompson because it seems like she is here to stay, but next time if you feel uncomfortable just ask her to not touch your hair.