What’s In?


Abbey Edwards, Reporter


There are a lot of new popular trends, shoe trends, clothes trends, and hair trends. Many people invest money into these trends. A lot of girls at CMS look to these trends for guidance in their style. Teens have gotten most of these trends from the internet. Some people even make their own. Last year many individuals spent money on skinny jeans but now mom jeans are in instead. 

8th grader Sadie Jackson said, “My favorite fashion trend is baggy jeans, they just make an outfit more comfortable. Also claw hair clips.” when asked what her favorite trend is. When 7th grader Kimber Christler was asked the same question she said, “My favorite trend is probably the sweater vest a white shirt, and some mom jeans or skater jeans.” Then when asked what trend they wear the most, Sadie said, “The clothing trend I wear the most is cropped sweaters, and mom/straight jeans.” and Kimber said, “That’s a hard one, probably jeans and a sweatshirt or legging and a sweatshirt or a spaghetti strapped dress with a white shirt under it, or mom jeans and a t-shirt”. Finally, they were asked where they found most of their trends Kimber said, “I find my trends on Pinterest or I see what other people are wearing but I style it a different way or keep it the same or I look on shopping websites.” then Sadie said, “I find clothing trends off mostly what I see others wear, and then I put my own twist on it. I just like to wear what I feel comfortable in and also what I think is cute.” 

As you can see fashion trends are a big part of people’s lives and they don’t stay around for very long because then the new style comes in. Some popular fashion trends right now are mom jeans, curtain bangs, birks and socks, and air forces. Fashion trends usually get better and better, we’ll have to see what comes next.