Compete For A Cause

Compete For A Cause

Kali Merritt, Tech/Graphic Designer

Over the summer there were many local activities that took place. One of the most popular activities is: Compete for a Cause (CC).  Brook Grant founded and established Compete for a Cause in 2019 and has held the event for the last three years. Brook describes the purpose stating: Compete for a Cause is a talent competition and fundraiser that pulls talent from all over the BigHorn Basin to raise funds for a different cause each year. Our goal is to find a Park County kid who has a medical condition that we can help. The contestants use the talents they have been blessed with to bless the lives of others.


CC has grown into a large event and it took a lot of thought and effort to create. Brook says she created Compete for a Cause because of her happiness in helping others: “I find joy in helping others, I grew up performing and loved it, and I love friendly competition. The Children’s Librarian at the Park County Public Library, Holly Baker, and I work closely together with her Summer Reading Program and Compete for a Cause. Both of these events showcase the same child. Holly asked me four years ago if I could help with their kindness project. That was for Silas Johnson, and that year we sold shirts. Then the next year she asked if I wanted to help again. I definitely wanted to help, but I wanted to come up with a new idea that didn’t involve T-shirt sales. Keith (my husband) and I came up with an idea of a talent show that could showcase the amazing talent in this area. Then Compete for a Cause was born.” 


The overall outcome of the 2021 CC was a huge success. Brook says “This is the best year by far! We raised over $34,000! There was a LOT of support and people who helped raise money this year.” 

Jaida Brice, an 8th grader at CMS, participated in the event for 2 years. Jaida says, “I participated in Compete for a Cause at first because I thought it would be really fun to do and a great way to help the community. Plus, I love to act, and I hadn’t ever done a talent show before so I wanted to try it.” She did acting segments that won her first place in her division for both years. She loved performing in the event to support the community. “Both years that I competed I wrote my own monologue and performed it. The first year I wrote and performed a monologue about a hiker that got “lost”. She saw a butterfly and wandered from the trail. The hiker was very dramatic and ate worms so she wouldn’t die. In the end, she found her group at the lake they planned on going to. The second monologue I did was about a roadkill cleaner who dreamed of being a Broadway star. She sings about it and is a horrible singer. She ends up getting fired and brings the roadkill home for dinner.” says Jaida. 

Thanks to Brook Grant, Keith Grant (husband), the contestants, and so many others, a heartwarming, and incredible foundation was established, it is called… Compete for a Cause.