Kyara Bennett, Reporter

There have been much fire’s around Cody in the past month or more, the smoke has been so bad that you can’t even see heart mountain. The fires were so bad the sky was grey for a few days and one day it was so bad there was ash coming out of the sky.

“I was close to wildlife this summer and it affected me by showing me the importance of wildlife.”, Madeline Weed(8th grader) said.

“There is a fire close to us and there is a lot of smoke in the air and it makes my eyes hurt.”, Josie Hallock (8th grader) explained

Almost every year there are fires that are around Cody or even super close to Cody. When it’s super hot it dries out the ground and the trees, so if someone lights a cigarette and they are done with it they usually just throw it on the ground. The ash that is on the cigarette will light something little and the next thing you know there is a forest fire. That’s why there are signs that say don’t throw smokes out and signs that show the risks of wildfires. Like this year, there was a fire ban because it was so dry and super hot, so make sure to be safe and alert.