Camp Out


Gavin Rockey

Camping is a summer activity that is fun for a lot of CMS students. Camping can be enjoyable because of fishing, going on adventures in the woods, or going and finding some trails and riding them on a bike. Cody has many campgrounds including the KOA, Ponderosa, Absaroka Bay, Parkway RV, Buffalo Bluff  RV Park, River’s View RV Park, and Buffalo Bill State Park North Fork Campground.  Farther up the North Fork and the South Fork is Shoshone National Forest with more established campgrounds.  The Beartooth Mountain Range has some established campgrounds but many people just pitch a tent anywhere.  The Bighorn National Forest is east of Cody with campgrounds and all-terrain vehicle trails.

 Camping can be done in many different ways, such as out in the open, tent, pop-up vans/topper, or in a cozy camper/RV.  Anders Nelson said, “My favorite place to go camping is up Sunlight.” Anders does not mind camping in tents or campers.  He is a seventh-grader who hopes to go backpacking along with Dano Camp next summer. (See Kyler Stinson’s article.)  Jasmine Villafane, an eighth-grader,  was able to camp once this summer at Upper Sunshine outside of Meeteetse.  

 Camping has a big mix of fun things to do, if you have never been camping, you should try it sometime.  Be sure to check rates and if reservations are required.  Also, check the weather!