California! Here We Come


Abbey Edwards, Reporter

Baseball teams were found everywhere over, many of them traveled and played in tournaments. Many games were won, many games were lost, but overall Cody had a great season. Cache McFadden, Easton Hartley, Tommy Sitz, Kanin Phillips,  Cohen Croft, Colby Crandall, Lane Stevenson, Russell Undeberg, and others had the privilege of playing in California. They experienced great times, like being on ESPN and meeting other baseball players. Their journey started at districts in Rock Springs (which they won) then continued on to State in Riverton, where they won again. After state, they went to Saint Bernard, California to play in the Little League World Series.

Seventh grader, Cache McFadden said, “The fields were very nice, the best field I’ve ever seen. Meeting all the teams in our region was cool and some of the kids were huge! The dorms were alright and the food was amazing!”  Seventh grader, Easton Hartley added, “The gluten-free options were epic!!”  Cache McFadden and 6th grader, Tommy Sitz felt covid restrictions, at first they weren’t strict at all but once a team caught covid the rules became really strict according to Cache. 

Tommy added, “We had to wear masks whenever we were out of the dorms. Also, a couple of the teams had to leave because of Covid. We needed to take Covid tests every other day and there could only be one team in the pool at a time.” Tommy recalls, “It was super cool to be with all my friends and basically live with them for a week. I got to know everybody better than I did before. It was also great to meet the other teams and play with them at the dorms and it was extra cool meeting them because some of them went pretty far in the Little League World Series. I also liked the stadium and field because I’ve never seen a better little league field before.”

Overall they said they didn’t do great and lost most of their games, but they had so many memorable experiences. They ended up getting fourth in the tournament, which is awesome. But over the entire season, they all learned more and gained more skills, and they had a solid season. Go Cody Cubs!