Buddy Up at Beck


Arden Payne, Reporter

Many kids like to hang out with friends in the summer, an amazing place to hang out in Cody is Beck Lake. Beck Lake is a nice area with a dog park, bike trails, good fishing, and great places to swim. People also like to go walk around on the trails, bike in the area, or go paddleboarding.  One can find vegetation like trees, grass, cacti, flowers, sagebrush, cattails– quite the variety.  Beck Lake recreation area was established in 1958 by the City of Cody for $400,000.

Some people like to go to Beck Lake once a week, other people like to go once a month, most of the time people go because they have nothing else to do. CMS student Averi Jackson   (7th grader) said, “I don’t exactly know how many times I went, but it was a lot.” Another CMS student Mali Ivanoff (7th grader), said that she went too many times.

Beck Lake is a good place to hang out with people.  Some people like to hang out with their friends. Other people like to hang out with their families. “I went with my friends and family,” said Mali Ivanoff.  Averi Jackson said, “I went with a bunch of my friends.”  Clearly, Beck Lake is an amazing place to go with your friends and your family to have fun.