Goodbye, 8th Graders!

Cali Holeman, Reporter

As most of us know, the eighth graders will be leaving Cody Middle School this year. There are many traits about the eighth grade class that we will miss. Many of them have great personalities that they bring to school everyday. They are good students with experience to help set an example for others. For many of us, the eighth graders are our closest friends that we won’t be seeing for a while. We will also miss them being in all of the middle school’s sports. Seventh grader Mckenna Kondelis says, “I am excited for them, but it’s definitely sad for them to leave because I will miss playing basketball and volleyball with them and just doing stuff with them.” It makes us sad to see them go away.CMS teacher, Mike Denning says, “I feel bittersweet to see them go. It is rewarding to see them make it to high school and keep growing, but at the same time it is sad to see them go. It makes me sad when you build a relationship with a student and then you might not ever see them again because they are in high school now.”

However, many of the eighth graders are excited to go. They are looking forward to a new school year and a new school. They want the new experience and are happy to be leaving. However, many of them have mixed feelings about going to a new school. Cody eighth grader, Sydney Peterson says, “I am excited to go to the high school, but also nervous because the school is so big.”Another eighth grader, Carter Thompson, says, “I am excited to go to the highschool, because I am ready to leave the middle school.” This shows that eighth graders are excited to start the next school year as high schoolers.

We will really miss the outgoing eighth graders but we are looking forward to the next school year!