Pride Softball

Camri Lindemann, Reporter

Pride Softball (12U) along with the other teams have been practicing since January. The players on 12U this season are:

Summer Nielsen – Pitcher, Inield

Camri Lindemann – Catcher, Infield

Jolene Anderson – Outfield/Infield

Amelia Reinker – Catcher, Infield

Paige Kondelis – Infield

Amery Santinni – Outfield/Infield 

Zoeanne Cockrell – Infield/Outfield

Brenika Frandsen – Infield/Outfield 

Mali Ivanoff – Infield/ Outfield

When asked how she thought this season was going to go, Summer Nielsen said, “I think this season is going to be good. We have a fun team, even though we have a lot of young girls.” They have 4 to 5 softball tournaments planned this season. Let’s hope they do well!