Stressing for Testing

Emilia Medina, Reporter

Finals are coming up and so is the stress for 8th grade students here at CMS. The last weeks of school will be fun because of all the activities like sports such as track and tennis, the history teepee week coming up, and the Thermopolis trip to Star Plunge. It will also be sad because it feels like just yesterday that it was the first day of school!

Testing will be going on the last week of school except Thursday and Friday, the 27th and 28th. 8th graders have a lot of pressure on them to pass these exams, especially math, because if you don’t pass it, you can’t go to the next level class. The upside to that is that you can use notes for it! Jordan Shumard, in 7th grade, says, “I think that finals for the 8th graders is dumb because we have all already MAP tested and WYTOPP as well, so it’s not really fair for them to do more.” Sophia Radokovich an 8th grader says, “I severely dislike it because it doesn’t make sense the amount of tests that you have to take to get one outcome.” 

Many of our students feel the same but are excited to go on to high school next year!