Paddling Into Summer

Emma Kendrick, Reporter

There are many places to paddleboard in and around the Cody area. Some of them are Beck Lake, Luce and Hogan, Newton Lakes, Shirley’s Pond, Buffalo Bill Reservoir, and many others. Paddleboarding is a fun and easy summer activity, and we are lucky to live in Wyoming where there are so many lakes, mountains and trees. Mrs. Miears says, “My favorite place to paddle board is probably Lilly Lake.”

When paddleboarding remember to be safe, wear a life jacket if you can’t swim well, and have fun. CMS 7th grader Sydney Simone says, “My favorite part about it is getting to swim in lakes, and just how calming it is since we live in such a beautiful place with many mountains.” 

If you want to rent a paddle board, there are a few places around Cody. You can rent a paddle board, kayak and other water sports equipment from Gradient Mountain Sports, Cody Wyoming Adventures, and Wyoming River Runners.