Now Hiring: Where to Work This Summer

Camille Powell, Reporter

At the age of 14, some kids are looking for jobs. As 14-year-old kids are limited to where they can work and what they can do there. Some common jobs kids get are walking a dog, helping clean, a cashier at some places, some fast-food restaurants, and pet/babysitting. Some kids don’t want to work at 14 because working does take up free time and time to hang out with friends.

Eighth grader Noelle Graham says, “I have an internship this summer (not really a job, but that’s what I will be doing), and I am very excited about it! The lady that I am working with is very nice, so I would say I am most excited to be working with her.” Working at the age of 14 can be overwhelming or stressful at times, but kids get through and can have a great time making friends and helping other people.