Incoming 6th Graders


Zandy Eckley, Reporter


Do you remember when you were first coming into 6th grade? I know that when I was coming into 6th grade I was definitely anxious for the new teachers and switching classes all day long. I was nervous to meet the other kids from the other schools. I was excited for some things like dances, new friends, finally being in the same school as some of my friends I had before, and just having the new experience. 

When I asked 6th grade language arts teacher, Greg Eckley, what the best thing about teaching 6th grade was he said. “I love the energy 6th-graders have, I love that they are still excited about learning (mostly), I like the place in life where 6th-graders are. 6th-grade kids are funny and fun!” 

When I interviewed incoming 6th grader Cole Mcleod and asked him what he is most excited about for 6th grade he said, “I am most excited for all the different classes probably.” 

When I asked Hadli Lindemann the same question she said, “I am most excited to meet new people I’ve never met before.”

The next question I asked Hadli was what she was most nervous about for coming to CMS. She said, “I have never met a lot of people from other schools.” 

When I asked Cole the same question he said, “Learning and knowing all of the teachers’ expectations for me.” 

6th grade can be a really fun experience for some and challenging for others. For the most part, though, I would say that it’s fun and middle school has lots of opportunities. Overall, though, I would say look forward to coming to middle school, we are excited to meet and get to know you!