CMS Performers WOW Audiences with Aladdin


Matthew Patterson, Reporter

On March 23 and 24 the magical play Aladdin came to Cody through our middle school drama club. Now, only a few weeks later, let’s see what some of the actors who participated in Aladdin have to say about it. The play was rehearsed and performed within 8 weeks. The last two plays the middle school has put on, Mulan Jr. and Lion King Jr.,  had three to four months to prepare. This year’s production was amazing partially because the directors, Sean Murray and Anissa Bree, didn’t even know if we could do a play this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions. In an interview with one of the lead performers, Isaac Wood, who played the lead role of Aladdin, said that his favorite things about the play was rehearsing at the Wynona Thompson Auditorium, singing, and dancing. When asked how he thought the play went, Isaac said,  “I thought that the play went better than expected”. We talked about drama for the upcoming year and he said, “I would like to get into drama some more”. Isaac said, “I really hoped people liked the performance and I hope I looked good”.