The End of School Approaches

Rachel Williams, Reporter

The school year is coming to a close with only 3 weeks left. On May 27th the second to last day of school every grade is going on a field trip to celebrate making it through the year. The 8th graders are going to Thermopolis to go swimming at Star Plunge 7th graders have the option to either bike, hike, or fish. Lastly, the 6th graders are going on a field trip to the Dead Indian Campground. But some students may be at school all day or just having fun doing their own thing. 

“I’m excited,”  6th grader Avery Schnell said. “We are going on a Field Trip!”.  8th grader Camille Powell says, “I am going to Thermopolis with all of my friends. I feel excited to get time with my friends and just hangout.”  7th grader Sadie Jackson says, “I personally am going mountain biking. And I am super excited. Not only because I love biking, but I also get to go with friends.”