Gone Fishin’

Avis Skinner, Reporter


Cody Middle School’s lovely science teacher Mr. Kirkham is retiring after 29 long years of teaching, plus 3 years of substitute teaching. He started teaching at the junior high before the middle school building was built. Mr. Kirkham was mostly a 7th-grade teacher. This is his first year with only 6th graders since Cody schools all got a new science program. His favorite science unit is the plant one, where students grow radish plants, draw them, and change their environment. Mr. Kirkham is excited about his retirement, but he will miss the students along with his colleagues and friends he has made throughout his time at the middle school. He said that it will also be challenging for a while with a new routine after so many years. His wife, Mrs. Kirkham, plans to continue teaching until their daughter Lillie is graduating high school. Mr. Kirkham is eager to be able to go to all Lillies sporting events without school being in the way. What led to his retirement along with other teachers was an incentive of 20k and more. Except Mr. Kirkham was also ready to pursue his passions. Also his bucket list such as fishing, camping, cut slam, along with more. His friend Mr. Grenz is resigning and they are going to work on a business idea together. Now, who is going to be filling these science positions? Mr. Murray plans on filling one of them and has hopes for another science teacher. Mr. Murray is excited to teach science. He’s been teaching for 27 years, and enjoys switching subjects every six years or so. Mr. Kirkham is happy about his retirement. He says, “We’re going out on a good year.”