Summer Fun!


Clara Robinson, Reporter

In the summer every kid does something fun! And one of them is swimming, why don’t learn some safety tips! Also learn all the fun activities there is this summer!! 

Swimming is the best part of summer to some CMS students… Mckenna Kondeils, “I love swimming. Swimming is a very fun activity whether it’s relaxing in the hot tub or going down water slides, I do it all!” Hailie Schramm said, “I absolutely LOVE swimming. Things that I love to do in the water is play marco polo, boat, knee board, kayak, and paddleboard.” Averi Jackson says, “I love summer overall, I like hanging out with friends and family and I like going to a lake and swimming. I also like that we can just have a break from writing papers and doing math equations.” 

    Fun Summer Things


  1. Free Pancakes every day for breakfast
  2. Free rodeo shuttle 
  3. S’mores at night 
  4. Cabins to stay in 
  5. Swimming pool + park
  6. A ice cream social
  7. Gift shop 


Music in the Park:

  1. July 8 – Beacon Hill 
  2. July 15 – Aaron Davis + The Mystery Machine 
  3. July 22 – Cary Morin + Ghost dog 
  4. July 29 – GillyGirlsBand
  5. August 5 – Mississippi Heat
  6. August 12 – The Powell Brother



  1. Whiteriver rafting 
  2. Hikes
  3. Swimming
  4. Downtown shopping
  5. Yellowstone National Park
  6. Old Trail Town