Go Catch a Fish!


Trey Smith, Reporter

Fishing is a great summer activity. We live in a great place for it too; Cody gives great opportunities for fishing. There are some great spots even in town. Beck Lake is a main spot for a lot of people because it’s easy to access and there’s a lot of fish. 

The Shoshone River is also a great spot, and many people fly fish on the river while they float it. The river is also easy to access. Most people use boats. But people also do guided rafting trips, so fishers have to watch out for them. Some students at Cody Middle School enjoy fishing. Warren Sorensen states, “During the summer I mostly fish at Beck Lake, and my favorite bait to use are spinners.” There are also many spots you could go to in the North Fork. This is a little harder to access because it’s farther out of town and there is more private land. Fishing is a great activity for middle schoolers and families.