The 10 Best Ways to Annoy Your Teacher


Grady McCarten, Reporter

As I graduate 8th grade, my last year of middle school, I have a total of eight years of experience on how to annoy teachers. You have to choose the right teachers and the right time because there are people you don’t want to mess with (Mrs. Skoric on one of her bad days: big grouch). So here are 10 ways to be annoying, just remember to use caution. 

  1. Raise your hand when the teacher asks a question. Then, if he/she calls on you, just say, “Oh, I was just stretching.”
  2. If by any chance your teacher penalizes you by asking you to “face the wall”, talk with the wall like you’re really having a conversation with it.
  3. Confess your love and propose to your teacher in class.
  4. Tell your teacher that you dreamt about him/her, and when they say “Awww…” you say, “You died!”
  5. Borrow a pencil from your teacher and return it chewed up and without the eraser.
  6. Take out your math book and solve mathematical problems while you’re in history class.
  7. Sit like a boss on the teacher’s table.
  8. Say, “Pick me! Pick me!” when your teacher is calling for recitation, and when he/she finally calls on you, say, “Never mind!”
  9. Bring some crunchy food and eat it in class.
  10. Repeatedly make a slurping noise when the teacher is not looking.

These are fool-proof ways to annoy your teachers; they work for me every time! Good luck!