The Kremlin


Maddax Ball, Reporter

The Kremlin is located in Moscow, Russia. The Kremlin is 68 acres and it is the largest fortress in Europe. The walls of the Kremlin used to be white, but are now red. Inside of the Kremlin is the residence of Russia’s president, somewhat like the white house is the residence of our U.S president. Inside the enclosing wall, there are 5 palaces and 4 cathedrals. The Kremlin was built between 1482 and 1495.

The word “Kremlin” means fortress inside of a city. It is free to visit the Kremlin for anyone 16 and younger. For adults it is 700 rubles which is about 10 U.S dollars. The Kremlin also has 19 towers. It survived all of WWII, coming out mostly intact. The Moscow Kremlin was founded by the Russian ruling dynasty of Rurikids. It is an amazing piece of architecture recognized all over the world.