Teamwork Makes The Dream work

Camille Powell, Reporter

Lacrosse is a great team sport. It helps build teamwork and citizenship. Players need to work together if they want to score or defend. Teammates must pass the ball to each other using a stick with a mesh net at the end. Each team has ten players: three attackers, defenders, and midfielders, along with one goalie. Like most team sports, the goal is to score more points than the other team by getting a ball into the other team’s goal.  


Lacrosse is split into 4 periods 15 minutes long each. Every game has a one-minute rest time in between and 10 minute half times. While playing, athletes are in constant movement with hurling, dodging, or flipping the ball to other teammates. 7th grader Dalton Burlingame said, “I love how the game never stops and the contact of the sport.”  


Cody Lacrosse team:

Dalton Burlingame

Carter Roemmich

Quincy Kleinman

Taylor Morris

Caite Barbiere

Colton Campbell

Levi Lipe

Tucker Schramm

Gunner Troll

Bridger Lee

Finnegan Hotchhalter

Kendal Teasdale

Elliott Teasdale