Tearin’ It Up

Kali Merritt, Reporter

Spring is here so is the warm weather. It is time for those fun outdoor activities. Mountain biking is a very popular activity in Cody. There are many trails that challenge biking skills.

One of the most common places to go is the Beck Lake Bike Park and Trails. It has about 10 miles of trails. Any biker, experienced or beginner, can ride these trails. In the bike park there is a pump track, drop zone, jump lines (for beginner and experienced), skills trails, and many groomed, well built trails. 

Another popular place to mountain bike is on the Outlaw Trails outside of Cody, near Newton Lakes. There are many different trails to choose from. These trails wind through sandstone rocks and juniper trees. All of these trails are well built and will challenge you. These trails are a favorite place for many local mountain bikers to go explore a rough terrain.

Many people love to ride the Slick Rock trail. This trail is found outside of Cody. It stretches about 5 miles and is a great trail to spend a lot of time on. The terrain is simple to moderate, which makes for a great intermediate level trail. It is open year round based on weather conditions. 

We are so lucky to have these great options, and others. So, get out there and explore some local trails!