Fantastic Fundraisers

Fantastic Fundraisers

Clara Robinson, Reporter

Cody Middle School has done many fundraisers this year. The school believes in giving back to the community and its people. Around $5,000 have been raised in these combined fundraisers. 6th grader Reese Merritt says, “I feel like they are a great thing to help raise money for the school and for the community. I also feel like they can help people in need.” 8th grader Kassi Hanson, Student Council president, feels that fundraisers are great for the school. Listed below are some values from previous fundraisers:

Veterans’ Quilt Fundraiser: $1,900 (from StuCo fundraiser)

Cody Cupboard: $600 (from NJHS Hot Chocolate/Candy Cane Sales around Christmas)

Animal Shelter: $600 (from StuCo Sucker/Flower Sales at Valentine’s)

Make A Wish: $2500 (from StuCo Make A Wish fundraiser)