Track Through the Years


Trey Smith, Reporter

There are many sports that take place in the spring. One of these sports is track. Track is one of the oldest sports, it started in 776 B.C and has been one of the most popular sports since then. Back in 776 B.C, the track was 600 meters, now it is 400 meters. CMS 6th grade student Sawyor Engdahl states, “I am doing discus, 100 meter dash, and high jump.”

The very first modern college track meet was held in 1864. CMS 7th grade student William Wood states, “I am doing the hurdles, shot put, 400 meter dash, and pole vaulting.” CMS 8th grade student Myles Hensley states, “I’m doing the hurdles, shot put, and discus. Track is way more fun with friends.”