It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a magic carpet!


Logan Bogardus, Reporter

Once again, CMS is putting on an annual musical. This year, it’s Aladdin. Aladdin is about a boy and his three friends who find a magical lamp. Out of the lamp appears a genie who gives Aladdin three wishes. In order to win over the princess of his city, princess Jasmine, he uses his wishes to try and get the girl. He goes on an adventure that will test his moral character.

Rehearsals will take place in the Cody Middle School auditorium, band room, and choir room. Aladdin will be directed and organized by Mr. Murray and Mrs. Bree. The play will cost $400-$800. Jaida Brice is in the play and she says she has loved acting since she was five, mostly in the children’s theater manzula plays.  That’s why she loves being in every play she can get into. Jaida will be playing the role of Raja in this upcoming play. Of course, there are gonna be a lot of props and set pieces needed for this play. There’s the magic carpet, the balcony, the cave of wonders, the escape scene and many more. Another actor in the musical is Matthew Peterson. He said he loves acting and has a lot of experience acting. He has been going to acting camps in the summer since he was seven. He is playing as an ensemble member in the play. All the Aladdin play costumes are going to have big, flowy pants, colored undershirts, and a vest over top. 


Member of the cast include:

 Asher Black

Isaac Wood

Dani Boswell

Sierra Strunk

Noelle Graham

Jaida Brice

Rainey Powell

Maddie Zangarine

Andrew Moretti

Elijah Cook

Wade Bower

Lucas Loran

Brandon Flowers

Kannon Grant

Ezia Romango

Jazmin Boswell

Mads Hogg

Jillian Nordberg

Gabby Sanchez

Jolene Anderson

Cami Fenwick

Madison Ruskowsky

Zona Hanen

Matthew Patterson

Gabe Bree

Kylie Warner

Casey Baine

Sarah Grosz

Paige Kondeliss

Zoie Velayo

Cruze Sticka

Sophia Alexander

Claire Zollinger