How To Catch a Leprechaun

How To Catch a Leprechaun

Kali Merritt, Reporter

  Have you ever heard of the creature that hides its gold at the end of a rainbow? It’s called a leprechaun. 


There are many people that attempt to catch the leprechaun, and they usually fail. Before you create a leprechaun trap, you have got to have a little background knowledge about them. A leprechaun is depicted as a little bearded man that dresses in green, and wears buckled shoes. Leprechauns are known for being mischievous, spiteful, and being able to craft the finest shoes. They will deceive and trick whenever possible, and therefore cannot be trusted.  If you are lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, you may be able to barter its freedom by exchanging it for a pot of gold. In old folklore, leprechauns are the complete opposite of mischievous; they are humble cobblers, or shoemakers. In other visions they are kind of fairy-like creatures that like to keep to themselves. Leprechauns love the color green, anything gold, and other shiny objects. They also hide their gold at the end of a rainbow. 


Leprechaun traps can be made out of anything from a small shoe box to a refrigerator box. Many people make other traps like a cage with a tripwire or a net with bait. Averi Jackson, a 6th Grader, from Cody Middle School, says: “ To catch a leprechaun I would put a pot of gold in a cage, and make the door close after the leprechaun goes into the cage. Or I would dig a hole, cover it in gold leaves and sticks, then hang the pot of gold over the hole. Then I would wait for the leprechaun to fall in.” An anonymous 7th Grader, from Cody Middle School says: “I would put a million dollars in a pot of gold, put a net above the gold with a tripwire. When the net falls on the leprechaun, I would grab him by the neck and yell “Show me the gold at the end of the rainbow!”


There are many popular leprechaun trap ideas. To make a leprechaun trap you may want to include green colored items, gold coins, pennies, lucky charms, and shamrocks (stickers, paintings, cut-outs,etc), to attract the leprechaun. Mrs. Merager, a CMS Teacher, says: “I always had my students design a leprechaun trap to trick the leprechaun, and lure it in. We always found the classroom in disarray, chairs upside down, papers scattered, pencils and markers everywhere. One of my students swore they caught a leprechaun because their trap was moving and making noise, when they went to look inside the trap, the leprechaun used its magic to get away. But you have got to be careful when you catch a leprechaun, because they are sneaky and spiteful creatures. They will get revenge on you by wreaking havoc! They do this by making a huge mess or messing with your animals. And the reason you catch a leprechaun is to somehow obtain their pot of gold or treasure.”


 We know the leprechaun is a tricky and mischievous creature. As St. Patricks Day draws near, start planning a trap in hopes of catching that sneaky leprechaun!