Swish Squeak Swoosh~ 7th boys!


Liam Gallagher, Sports

Seventh grade boys basketball has begun and they are more excited than ever. The seventh grade basketball team has worked extremely hard in this past season. Syrus Bates says, “The best part of being on the basketball team is getting to go on bus rides with him and his friends.”  The 7th grade basketball team’s record so far in the season is 7-1 for the A team. Syrus Bates also says that in the beginning of the season they were very doubtful because in the beginning of there games they would start off losing but they eventually rallied as a team and won games! 

Coaches Pat Nieters and Mike Denning feel the boys have improved and continue to work diligently.  This seasons’ lineup includes:  Syrus Bates, Jayden Blickenstaff, Trent Bower, Wade Bower, Gabe Bree, Zayden Cockrell, Cinch Dalton, Kannon Grant, Finn Manley, Owen Monfeldt, Nathaniel Pryor, Tennessee Richardson, Josh Sauers, Zach Schwab, Evan Shelton, Marko Skoric, Nick Stewart, Anker Stewart, Hudson Wallace, Paxton Yeates, with managers Jordan Shumard & Maddie Beaudrie.