Gift Your Best This Valentine’s Day

Gift Your Best This Valentines Day

Kali Merritt, Reporter

Every year around the end of January stores and shops start throwing up Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations. There are so many different opinions on what the perfect Valentine’s gift should be. What will you choose for your special someone?

Some people may say their favorite gift idea is a chocolate bar. For others maybe an assorted Chocolate box, flowers, jewelry, stuffed animal, note/card, or different assorted candies. A survey was sent to CMS students to see what they thought the perfect valentine gift is. The survey got 291 responses. The most popular gift was the assorted chocolate box with 18.9% of votes, and stuffed animals was right behind with 18.6% votes. 6th grader Abbey Edwards says, “ I think a perfect Valentine gift would be Lindor Chocolates with a nice note with it.” Another student seems to agree with Abbey. Rainey Powell says,” My idea of a perfect Valentine gift is candy or a box of chocolates, with a nice note/card with it.” There are a lot of good Valentine’s gifts to give. Anker Stewart says, “ “My idea of a perfect Valentine gift would be something inspiring… Like a note/card with an inspiring quote written on it.” 

Did you get any ideas? You better choose soon, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast on February 14th!