Slam Dunk in to the Season

Slam Dunk in to the Season

Maddax Ball, Reporter

Winter is coming up and many people are stuck inside, avoiding the cold weather. That’s why more people should try basketball. The 8th boys’ basketball season started on January 3rd. The 8th-grade basketball team won the conference championship last year, including winning all of their games. Teammate Wyatt Barton said, “ I think we will be able to win the conference again, and the biggest competition we will face would either be Worland or Powell.”

The 8th grade boys basketball season is going to be a lot different than normal with all of the Covid protocols. “Covid hasn’t impacted this season as much as I initially have thought. In terms of the games, the only thing that is noticeable outside of wearing masks off the floor is the start of the game and lack of a jump ball.” Stated coach Jake Tuten. Coach Tuten also said  “For the next few games, my goal is for all teams to settle into our half-court offense and move the ball and make good reads. I feel like we are doing great things across the board for all teams, but if we can fine-tune our half-court offense watch out.” 

Let’s cheer for 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball and hope they have a good finish to their season!



8th Grade Boys Basketball Roster


Caleb, Kingston

Jarrett, Christler

Jaxon, Hazel

Jayvin, McAlmond

Maddax, Ball

Myles Bailey

Grady, McCarten

Isaac, Wood

Colter, Morris

Carter Ray

Randall Nielson 

Liam Gallagher

Bob Booth

Weston Nelson

Roan Thurmond 

Carter Thompson 

Jarom Beardall

Grant George

Owen Peterson

Conner Boswell

Trevor Spomer

Townsend Bailey 

Joe Arizmendy

Wyatt Barton

Logan Bogardus