Sydney Peterson, Reporter

2020 has been one of the most chaotic years yet. Our country has turned against each other. We’ve had many riots that have been out of control. In my opinion, many of the adults in our world are acting like children. The reason our world got turned upside down is because of one incident where a white male police officer killed a black man. After that everyone blew up. 

There is a black lives matter movement going around but it hasn’t been a peaceful protest it has been riots that are harming many people in our world. I believe that black lives do matter and I also believe that white lives matter. I think we need to grow up and treat everyone equally. I do think that there are many white people in our world who are very racist towards black people but I also think that there are many black people that judge white people and are racist towards them also. 

I’m not choosing a side because I believe that there shouldn’t be sides and we should just love everyone equally. Our world could use a whole lot of kindness right now, so let’s start spreading kindness and treat everyone the same!