Family Time

Chloe Davis, Columnist

Weekends are times that I like to spend time with my family. Just going over to see my grandparents for dinner always cheers up my mood. It’s a 1-hour long drive over to both of my grandparents’ houses. Once we arrive they are always at the front door to greet me. The smell of sweet baked goods. As I walk into the kitchen the tables and pots are filled with dinner and dessert.

As I walk in I can hear all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles talking. I quickly walk in and join the conversation. I love going to my family’s house, it’s wonderful. I love seeing my cousins and chatting with my grandparents. My favorite part about it is when all of the cousins at the end of the day go outside and play night games. I love going to see family, especially in this pandemic because I don’t get to see them as much. Seeing them is always a bunch of fun. I have the best time ever. 

At my other grandparent’s house, the drive is still about 1 hour long. When I get there I sit down and chat for a minute. I normally help make dinner and dessert. It’s my favorite time.  Also when my aunt and uncle come over with their sons it’s a lot more fun. They come all the way from Arizona. Family is the most important thing just going over to visit is a blast.