Staying Positive in Winter

Carter Ray, Reporter

Even though it’s starting to get cold, there are many things to be happy about during winter. Being with your family and friends during the holidays and playing fun games are things you can look forward to during this season. Some things that you can do to stay distracted are drinking hot cocoa and watch Christmas movies. If you are looking for something to do outdoors you could go skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. If you are looking to stay home but be outdoors you could build a snowman outside or have a snowball fight. 

I like being outdoors so I’d enjoy going snowboarding with my family and friends. Christmas is always something to look forward to during the winter. There are so many fun Christmas activities and traditions to participate in. One of my family traditions is watching Christmas movies on Christmas eve. Hopefully, this helped you figure out fun ways to spend the cold winter with your friends and family!