Missing the old days of lunch

Jake Wilkins, Columnist

For years now the lunch system in Cody schools has been going downhill, every year it seems like it gets worse and worse, first we don’t get chocolate milk then we don’t have pizza on Fridays. Now with free lunches we are not allowed to buy extra entrees or just get a milk to go along with your own lunch.

Ever since I was in first or second grade they stopped giving chocolate milk because it was quote “too high in sugar”. Even though straight from the Trumoo website it says that after the 7 grams of added sugar there is only 18 grams of sugar 1 carton. It is also a proven fact that chocolate milk can be served as a good source of protein after exercising which would be good for 6 and 7th graders as we go outside and run around before we eat lunch.

Why can’t we  purchase milk or a Pb and J? I don’t know about you but I liked to have milk or a juice to wash down my food.

 I miss the way things used to be and I think there is room for improvement in the Park 6 food system.