Just Say Hello

Sadie Jackson, Columnist

It feels good when somebody asks how are you doing today. It feels good when somebody says you look nice today. Just a Simple Compliment can boost your confidence making a day a million times better. 

I think if one person said a complement, or did something nice to me, every day, I would be happy every day of my life. Just think, you saw a girl drop her backpack and everything spilled out. People walked by her and didn’t help. But you come by and think, “ Ohh yeah, if I dropped my stuff I would want somebody to help me!” So you help her out.

Little did you know she was depressed and thinking about harming herself.  You help her and say, “ I like you outfit. Have a good day!” Just by that you could help her get better from her depression. And it was just by helping, and complimenting her.

A little kindness goes a really long way. The golden rule applies to every little thing in life. Helping people and giving them kindness can make you feel better too. Telling a stranger that her or his hair is cool can make you realize that, “ Ooo I like telling her that, it makes me feel like a good person.” Don’t stare and wonder. He or she may think there is something wrong, when really just like something about them.

Ask questions, don’t be shy. Tell somebody they are a great friend. Spread kindness. Because what goes around comes around.