Kaitlin Ennist, Columnist

Fuzzy socks or normal socks? I think fuzzy socks are better. Many people agree with me as well, in fact a lot of people say it is the “style” right now. Fuzzy socks provide warmth to your cold feet so that you can be warm again. Have you ever had the struggle of being cold? Maybe it’s because your feet are cold. Cold feet are one of the body’s normal reactions to colder temperatures. When you enter a colder area, blood vessels in the extremities, such as the hands and feet, will constrict. So, a solution to this is wearing fuzzy socks so that you and your feet can stay warm.

What’s the hype on fuzzy socks? Is it because they are warm and soft? Tall or short? Or is it because your friends wear them? Fuzzy socks are comfortable and they keep your feet warm and cozy. Instead of wearing regular thin socks enjoy the thick warmth of nice fuzzy socks. Fuzzy socks are so cool that even crocs the brand made fuzzy crocs! 

Fuzzy socks are comfortable and provide warmth to your cold feet. For example if you were to wear fuzzy socks to school one day and you happened to be testing that day you would be comfortable and you wouldn’t have to worry about your feet distracting you because your feet aren’t cold or itchy. In fact, fuzzy socks would be a great accessory to any holiday outfit. Instead of ugly normal socks branch out and be stylish and wear comfortable fuzzy socks.

In conclusion, fuzzy socks give you warmth. They are comfortable and stylish. And most importantly they bring joy to your feet. Fuzzy socks are like the onesies for your feet. So enjoy them this winter.