Is Christmas The Best Time of The Year


Sadie Jackson, Reporter

Is Christmastime and New Year the best time of the year? Does the song Holly Jolly Christmas have the right lyrics? Or is it the worst time of the year? The season that is upon the world right now has the most songs for its holiday, it has the most holiday movies, and is the most popular among the kids.  A lot of Kids at CMS may think that it is, some people may think that is not a great time because it is stressful and just not enjoyable.

Mckenna Kondilas, a 7th grader at CMS,  answered if she thought that Christmas/ New Years is the best time of the year, “ Yeah I do think it is the best time of the year because you get to gather with your family, and it makes people happy. Plus it is just a joyful time of the year. And you get a new start with the New Year.”  That is one that thinks that the December Holidays are very joyous. McKenna Kondelis among many others think that it is very fun because they get to see cousins, Aunts and Uncles, grandparents, and relatives that they don’t even know what they are.  

          Along with there being family galore, there are traditions like no other. Whether those traditions start the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, or December 10th, For that is the first day of Hanukkah, they are very special to everybody’s heart. Ellie Talich, a 7th grader at Cody Middle School, answered whether she thinks Christmas time is the best time of the year or not. Also a tradition she and her family do, “ Christmas is the best time of the year because you can normally get together with your family and spend quality time together. One tradition that my family does is getting PJs on Christmas eve and watching a Christmas movie.” There are traditions for everything whether or not they are for Christmas. They bring families and friends together and make the snowy days a million times better.

Though a lot of people think Christmas is the best time of the year, some don’t and that is perfectly great. Some people think the line from Holly Jolly Christmas, “ It’s the best time of the year” is correct, some may beg to differ, but one thing everybody can agree on is that December is a joyous time and everybody needs to be kind and loving for this Christmas time.