Gift’s Block?

Gift's Block?

Colter Morris, Reporter

Gifts have been given to kids all around the world for as long as kids can remember. The world is always changing and new generations bring new ideas for  good gifts. Adults are also wanting different items from what they wanted 10 years ago to a year ago. What is a popular gift to give a CMS student or adult?

Mia Broussard, a 6th-grade student, states, “Girls may want stickers and fuzzy socks,”   and boys may want Hey Dudes.” How different is that from last year? Way different considering the most popular gift last year was “AirPods” according to Maddox Ball an 8th grader. Maddox thinks sweatshirts will be popular and  he also  personally wants a shotgun.

Gifts for parents have also changed a lot. Lara Morris, a teacher at EastSide Elementary and parents to students at CMS, states that what Christmas gifts parents truly want are coupons for cleaning the car, foot massage, chores, and cleaning the yard. These gifts she says mean more to a parent than anything money could buy. 

These are the popular gift ideas for parents and students in CMS. This may be helpful for gift ideas around our CMS community.