Successful Stocking Stuffers


Chloe Davis, Reporter

The houses are wrapped with bright lights, presents under the bright green Christmas tree, cookies in the oven, stockings over the fireplace. Christmas time is here at last! Always in stores looking for presents, there is nothing to buy! Here are some ideas for stocking fillers that everyone can use!

Need ideas for your parents’ stockings, friends’, or even siblings’ stockings.  Abigail Leach from 6th grade said “Stockings are a great way to show care, I love to see the stuff in them. Normally I get some lotion and my brother gets socks.” Now let’s get to the case, what do you get for your family’s stockings. Some good ideas to put in your stockings are candy, gift cards, fuzzy socks, bracelets, and some gum. More ideas are books, headphones, and even toothbrushes.

Toni Gesner in 7th grade said, “I think that little presents like gum and candles are things I like in my stockings, but overall I just like the idea of having presented in stockings.” As you can see stockings are a great way to show love to your friends and family. Even just one small gift can do a lot. Stock those stockings with lots of love!