Top 10 Gifts For Teachers


Jake Wilkins, Reporter

We always count the days until Christmas break so we can go home and unwrap gifts with our family, but we never think of our teachers, you know it’s a gift to them just to have us here, well sorta…

 Here are 10 gift ideas for your teachers:

  1. Coffee- Teachers have so much work to do throughout the day a good cup of coffee can help them stay awake throughout the day.
  2. School Supplies- When kids forget teachers have to give kids their highly valued supplies.
  3.  Masks- In these crazy times everyone has to wear masks so to give teachers a variety of what to wear.
  4. Movie/Book Memorabilia- Some teachers love certain movie books so you can get them something to decorate their room that relates to that.
  5. Spam- If you have Mr. Mcleod or  Mr. Hartman you can see that they love Spam (spiced ham in a can). 
  6. KudoboardThe site allows everyone to upload a picture, video, GIF, or note and then delivers it all in one package, so every class member can add a little something.
  7. Planner- get your teacher a customizable planner so they can have fun with planning
  8. F in Exams- if you want to get your teacher a funny book get them this book of the best wrong answers.
  9. Comp. Notebook bag- this is a tote bag that looks like a Comp. notebook.
  10. Monogram Mugs- Just some coffee mugs with letters on them

 Happy Holidays