The Secret to Secret Santa

Amelia Reinker, Reporter

Secret Santa is a classic tradition where you give others presents in secret and in the end they have to guess who gave them the presents. This is a fun and sneaky game that everyone can enjoy, 

This game can be played in many different ways, but for beginners, here is a simple way. Secret Santa requires 4 or more players, all the players’ names are put into a container. Each person pulls out a name and reads it inside their head and when everyone is done the people go out and buy two or more presents for their person. To give to the person the present there must be a place for everyone’s presents to go, let it be a box or a stocking. This continues until everyone has received all their presents, then presents are opened if they have not been opened yet. When the presents are all opened then everyone tries to guess who they got, if you guess right you win, if you guess wrong you lose and your person is revealed.



When giving someone a present context clue are crucial, if someone loves their dog get them a stuffed animal that looks like their dog, if someone enjoys crafting get them some crafting materials. Everyone is different in their own way.  Some people don’t even enjoy store-bought presents– maybe someone prefers a homemade gift, make some cookies, or craft an ornament. 


 Brynn Croft loves secret Santa, “ It can bring friends a lot closer and it is just fun overall. ” Kristen Boysen said,  “ I love doing it because I enjoying giving others presents and having Christmas with my friends.” Miley Cyrtmus said,  “ I really like Secret Santa, it’s a nice way to give someone a gift without them knowing, so it’s like a little surprise for the other person”. 


Enjoy Secret Santa if you dare!