New Year’s Shenanigans


Sydney Peterson, Reporter

2020 has been one of the craziest years yet..with the COVID outbreak, the Australian fires, and all the riots. Our world has been very hectic lately and it’s been driving everyone apart~  so let’s celebrate that 2020 is almost over. Hopefully next year will bring more joy to everyone. Here are some fun games and ways to spend New Year’s Eve and Day!

With family and friends, the classic white elephant game with a twist:  Make all the gifts be a part of a New Year’s resolution to stay positive and have a good year. Another option is a kisses New Year’s Eve countdown. Start with a bunch of chocolate kisses — each one will have a number on the bottom, also have cups with a number on each cup~the goal is to get each kiss in the right cup before the New Year countdown is over. 

Lastly,  is the champagne (or cider) relay. Each team gets a bottle of cider or champagne. The catch is to use a teaspoon to transfer the champagne (or cider) into a cup. The first team to fill their cup to the top wins.  Hope these New Year’s activities come to good use with family and friends!