Christmas Traditions


Kaitlin Ennist, Reporter

Wondering if your family is the only one who has weird Christmas traditions? Many students have different Christmas traditions that they do on Christmas. Christmas traditions make Christmas a holly, jolly holiday which is full of laughing and just plain old having fun. 

Lillie Kirkham says, “ My family and I always watch a variety of Christmas movies, we play games a lot, and of course, we bake cookies, we do a nativity scene, lights in the front yard, and a Christmas morning picture”. “My favorite tradition is watching movies because everyone loves Christmas movies, especially me. Our traditions are important to me because they never get old, and it is our way of celebrating,” added Lillie Kirkham. Wade Bower said, “ We bake cookies and we open one present the night before Christmas, my favorite tradition is opening the present on Christmas Eve”. He also reported, “Our family traditions are important to me because it’s how we celebrate together. Lily Becker replied “ We like to decorate cookies and every year on Christmas eve open a couple of presents, and decorate the tree, I love it when we all hang out on Christmas morning”, she ended with,” The traditions we do make memories that I can look back at and laugh” .

Christmas traditions make up Christmas in many different people’s lives. Students love doing what they do every year for Christmas. Whether it is putting lights on the outside of our houses, baking cookies, or even just hanging out with family. Christmas traditions are important to students at CMS. So enjoy them this holiday season.