Election of a Lifetime!


Sydney Peterson, Reporter

This year during the presidential election of 2020 8th grade CMS history teachers hosted a mock election. 8th-grade students were each allowed to vote for who they wanted to be our president. Of course, these votes didn’t actually count; they were just for fun. They also got to vote for our school board election. 

Many of the students enjoyed learning about the electoral college and didn’t think we spent too much time on this unit. Taylor Morris states, “  No. I personally don’t think that we spent too much time in this unit. The reason I say that is because a lot of us kids and definitely me, didn’t know what the Electoral College was.” She also says, “My favorite part about the unit was the “Win The White House” game. That was fun because we got to make decisions in the shoes of a candidate for becoming the president. For me, it helped me understand what the presidents do/have to go through to become a president and how expanses, polls, and campaigning work.”

This is a great practice for once we get older and shows why we should vote. Voting is important because the world needs to know everyone’s opinions on who should be our president. It is important to choose the right person to run our country because if we choose the wrong one then our country could change drastically.