Ropin’ Around


Carter Ray

Cody middle school students once or twice a year do a ropes course class in gym class. The ropes course is a fun experience for kids in middle school. During gym, you typically do a new activity every week or so; about 2 weeks out of the year we do a ropes course. Mr. Moyer is the teacher who comes and makes sure we are doing everything right.

Macy Ball a 6th-grade student at CMS said “ this was my first time ever going on the course. I felt that I was safe and that I wouldn’t fall.” Cody Anderl also said, “ I trust the course and that I won’t fall.” The ropes course is a great way for kids to have fun during school and a way for them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

The ropes course is very big and is about 40 feet tall, and it also has so many options to do. One of the easiest options is the catwalk. It is about 30 feet in the air and 30 feet long you have to climb up a log using big metal hooks to hold onto. There is also a slackline for helping balance. There is also a zip line from one side of our football field to another which is only for 8th graders. One of the hardest options is Jacob’s ladder. This is a vertical challenge with wooden plants that are spaced about 5 feet apart and slowly get farther and farther apart the challenge is to get to the top.