No Field Trip, Ahhhh


Sadie Jackson, Reporter

This year because of Covid-19 all CMS field trips are gone. There were many field trips that the kids of CMS were supposed to do. Last March the 7th graders, now 8th graders, were supposed to go river rafting but couldn’t. The 6th graders of last spring, now 7th grader, were going to go to natural history days, but sadly couldn’t go because of the sickness that is terrorizing all of society. Many things have gotten canceled in 2020, many more than just field trips but the kids of CMS are realizing first hand that field trips are something that keep them sane.

The 7th-grade social studies were going to go see the new movie, “The Croods 2!” It went along with their curriculum of paleolithic to neolithic. It was the perfect thing and they would have learned during the experience while having fun. It could have been that everyone socially distanced from all the theater rooms, and could have played it two times in the day to really stay safe. If the 7th graders couldn’t go because of the busses then, once again, they could have split up the grade and made it so the theater played “The Croods 2” twice, and masked up during the ride there! Lily Stanger, a 7th grader at Cody Middle School, answered the question, how do you feel about not being able to go to the theater and see ‘Croods 2.’?” Stanger answered with,“ I feel that field trips would make the covid situation more bearable. We are already putting a lot of activities on hold and being able to have field trips would bring back some normalcy. I am pretty bummed about not being able to go to the movies this year; I think we need to have these school experiences to look back on when we are older.” What Stanger is saying is that she would have liked to have field trips to make this experience of the 2020 school year more normal.

The 8th graders of last year have to miss out too. They would have gone to Expedition Yellowstone, Thermopolis at the end of the year, band and choir would go to the auditorium to show their talents too! But because of Coronavirus, band and choir kids can no longer show their talents to their parents live and in person, it is now on video. Molly Maxwell, an 8th grader at Cody Middle School, told how she felt about missing out on the field trips, “The best way to describe how I feel about not being able to do field trips this year is that it is unfair.  It’s unfair because people that do sports still get to travel to away games on the busses and those busses are filled with kids who have just exerted themselves in physical activity and are hot and sweaty.  I also don’t understand why we aren’t allowed to go on the field trips that are outside because those would actually be better than sitting in a classroom even wearing masks.  There were also some field trips at the end of the year that only eighth-graders were allowed to do like there was a rafting trip, a movie, and some other really fun options that we were all looking forward to that we won’t ever get another chance to do.  There was also the ski trip that we do every year but this year was supposed to be the year that the eighth-graders got to go to Red Lodge(Sleeping Giant) for the ski trip. These were all things that we were told that we would get to do but can’t anymore and that’s why this is unfair.” Maxwell is saying that people in sports, granted they have masked on the whole time, get to go on the bus around the state, but can’t go out of the school for a field trip. Even though that may be the case there are not as many kids on the sports teams there are in a grade.


What Maxwell and Stanger are saying is that it is not fair, nor does it make sense that kids of CMS can’t go on any school field trips. Especially because they pack on the busses for sports, and after school to go home. But Covid-19 is serious and the CMS is trying its best to keep the kids safe.