Kaitlin Ennist, Reporter

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, or at least in the mornings it is! The mornings at Cody Middle School have been getting more and more frigid. All the students have resulted in gathering together in huddles and warming each other up to ensure warmth. Due to not letting the students inside, many students are reaching the brink of frostbite. Many students will seek shelter in front of the doors from the harsh cold winds of Wyoming, but get cut off because others may need to get inside!  Although understanding that many students aren’t prepared for this freezing weather, many students may not be able to prepare for such weather due to family complications or other reasons. 


 CMS student Avryl Haas says “ I don’t agree with them keeping us outside because we are always huddled together, if they were to allow us into the halls we could stay farther away and be warm”. Some compromises the students may be able to do are talking to Mr. Couture or a petition.  Avryl Haas says that “ …many people disagree with not letting us inside because it’s cold outside and some kids don’t have the warm coats that some of us have”.


Why do we have to stay outside? If you think about it many students come inside with runny noses and cold faces. While due to COVID-19 complications students have to get a temperature check when entering the school. If students are entering the school with cold faces wouldn’t that show LOW on the scanner? How would we be able to know if any student is sick or not? That is why you should let students inside. If students were allowed inside, students would be able to socially distance, get an actual temperature check, and not be as cold in the mornings. Let everyone be inside and sit next to the “fireplace”.