Cody Veteran’s Day Program


Jaida Brice, Reporter

The Veterans Day Video was a great success. Cody students couldn’t be at the Veteran’s Program but this was a great alternative option. So many people were involved in making this video. The Cody Middle School choir and band were both a part of the video and many others were involved too. Mrs. Bree was the middle school choir director who taught the choir, sung “Unsung Heroes”. Mrs. PH is the 7th and 8th-grade band conductor, she lead the band through the song “Stars and Stripes Forever”. 


 The middle school was not the only school that participated in the video. All three of the elementary schools each sang one or more songs. The high school choir also sang many songs and some high schoolers were chosen to announce each form of military. So many other people also participated in the making of this video. Many people helped make this video be possible.


 Mrs. Bree said, “The video provided great music for the Veterans. The CMS Choirs worked very hard to prepare for this event. There were some balance issues but those could be worked through if this were to be the way we have to do programs in the future. As a school community, we wanted to continue to give to our Veterans. They have earned the honor this program provides for them. It was wonderful to see how each school provided music for the Vets and the character of each of them. Each moment in the program honored our heroes in many different ways.” The Park 6 School District made this video for the veterans and so many people were involved in it.