Spreading Holiday Cheer, During This Crazy Year


Rainey Powell, Reporter

“Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling yahoo.” This September and December the Cody Middle School NJHS members are planning activities to get people into the holiday spirit. NJHS and NHS are societies that are focused on serving the community. They partner with people or groups around the community to spread love and kindness around the town. 

This holiday season NJHS will prepare and deliver floral arrangements to senior citizens in the community. NJHS is pairing with Beartooth Floral and Gifts to create the arrangements. “…to brighten their Thanksgiving since the senior centers are not letting outside visitors in at this time.” said National Junior Honor Society Leader Teresa Merager. Hopefully, these bundles of flowers will bring joy to those who receive them. 

NJHS is also still waiting on approval to do candy cane sales. “Since it may not be possible this year, the NJHS committee is doing care packages for the nursing homes,” said National Junior Honor Society Vice President Wade Bower. The packages will have things such as fuzzy socks, small games, and cards. Even though these are difficult times, there are lots of ways to spread holiday cheer, even if you are not in NJHS.