CMS Government Update


Jake Wilkins, News

For many years students have not been able to vote for CMS Student Council  This year students voted for officers.  Everything is different due to Covid, which puts a major damper on Student Council’s way of running, they can’t organize any events such as dances or tournaments, but they are getting by. Here is the Point-of-View of this year’s representatives and officers.

Sixth grade representative Jillian Norberg says, “ I want to make this school year fun while still maintaining the Crona guidelines, I want to fundraise to make a difference in our community.”  Seventh grade representative Reed Deming says he wants to change student problems. The vice president, Dalton Burlingame, is going with his vision of the year saying,” I want to still have fun events while still keeping kids safe.” 

Student council this year is going to be different with fun activities to come.