Skiing into a NEW season


Colter Morris, News

Have you heard about the new owner of the sleeping giant, Nick Piazza? Nick has made some amazing plans since he bought the Sleeping Giant in September this year. Nick was born and raised in Cody Wyoming since then he moved to Illinois. Some of the plans that he has made are night skiing, youth and adult racing teams, and adding a tubing lane. 

 The plan is to have night skiing on Tuesday, Fridays, and Saturdays from 4-7 pm. They are going to use solar-powered LED street lamps to light up your fun. Just try not to hit a tree.

Have you wondered who is the fastest skier in Cody? Well here’s your chance to figure it out. Sleeping Giant plans to host racing competitions on Friday’s so compete to be the fastest in Wyoming. They’re even talking about having an adult team! Don’t you want to see your parent’s race?

Are you one of the kids that don’t snowboard or ski? Well, now you can sled at the Sleeping Giant. So you can explore and do so many activities. So grab your tubes, sleds, and tires and go get some powder in the brand new tube lane. Nick said that he wants people to show up and say “wow this is a new vibe”. So go visit the Sleeping Giant this year.